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Autocanoe at rest 
Autocanoe launching
Autocanoe afloat
Autocanoe landing
Autocanoe at speed
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Autocanoe on the street
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At Speed
"Happy Wife, Happy Life!"


The Autocanoe Is a Pedal Powered Amphibious Recumbent Tricycle and a Roadable Pedal Canoe! The configuration is that of a Recumbent Tricycle with the two forward wheels driving and the single rear wheel steering both on land and in the water. It can travel over the road and through the water with comfort and grace. Transitions from land to water and back are accomplished smoothly and seamlessly without leaving your seat. On the road it is stable and secure. On the water it is tractable and relaxing. This human powered vehicle appeals to bicycle enthusiasts as well as wooden boat fans.

The Autocanoe plan is comprehensively laid out for ease of construction. Included in the plan are complete material lists as well as supplier contact information. Using simple techniques, common tools and readily available materials, you will be able to enjoy the satisfaction of wooden boat building with the added pleasure of owning a very unique vehicle.

Order your plans today and get on the road and into the water with your own Autocanoe!

The Autocanoe plan is now available for $40.00 including postage in the continental U.S. International orders will be $10.00 extra. Pay via PAYPAL link below.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Coming soon Electric powered Autocanoe!

  Continental US
International, Alaska & Hawaii